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Longevity & Vitality

Lingzhi (aka, Rishi, Ganoderma) has for over 2000 years been known as the master herb for living a long and vital life. It has anti-cancer, anti-tumor properties, it stabilizes blood sugar and balances digestion, it harmonizes lungs, and support kidneys. I consider the Alphay Lingzhi medicinal mushroom blends to be an essential part of my embodied aiki practice. I've taken them every day for over 4 years and love the results.


Art & Science

Lingzhi is one of the most studied herbs in the world. Here are over 300 studies. Here is an in-depth article on how Lingzhi supports longevity. The science demonstrating positive effects grows every day. The art of Lingzhi lives as deep reverence for this mushroom and encompasses Taoist practices for ageless vitality and many other ancient cultural legends.


Quality & Potency

A key aspect of taking Lingzhi is knowing the source, quality and potency. Alphay has been in the business of raising and harvesting organic Lingzhi mushrooms for over 50 years. No one in the field of medicinal mushrooms can match their quality, safety and potency. Here's an article on the mushroom blends.


The Felt Sense

All the facts and figures are reassuring and important. It is also very important to cultivate our own inner awareness of what happens when we take the Lingzhi blends. What does growing longevity and balanced vitality actually feel like?

My secret: When I stand in the kitchen before dawn, empty five caps of Balance (or whichever blend I am taking) into a small cup... Then mix in a couple ounces of warm water, stir and sip... When I open my inner somatic eye and really look, I can feel a flowing effervessence moving.  Over time I have practiced sipping and then opening areas of the body that seem dark, numb, unavailable or lacking aliveness. Now this vibrant life streams thru my organs, down my legs, across my back and out the top of my head.  It is quite engaging and enlivening. I look forward to this ritual every morning.


How to get some

Whether you want to just try it for a couple months, or you want to jump in and see about the business of becoming an independent distributor, contact me. I can help you save some money on your first order via the web portal. And sharing about the opportunity and the cool people involved is easy and fun. 



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