“The moment is a movement and requires continual
adaptation and adjustment.” -- Lin Jensen Sensei


When we practice
unifying mind and body,
dwelling right in the felt experience,
our action, movement, and speaking,
in whatever form or technique,
transmit integrity and connection.
From this state we can open into
what moving-with can become.

To come to know in your bones
this moving-with,
shakes the foundation of knowing.
To practice moving-with
and directly feel the electric togetherness
Undoes things and objects.
Material becomes mysterious and responsive.

The vast and silent,
still and empty aliveness
--of relaxed and open mind
joining into
the endlessly changing, always becoming,
relentlessly incomplete,
radiant oceanic fullness
--of relaxed and open body,
is moving-with.

What O Sensei once called,
"The floating bridge of heaven."

Control, agendas and belief
Trying to fix or prevail,
all kill it.

With full respect,
Upright and facing directly,
Surrender all the way in,
And feel the wild opening,
This moving-with,
the flaming edge of the universe.

The words are not it.
Come enjoy practice.
And come to know this
for yourself.


“Contact phenomena with total sincerity,
not a single atom outside yourself.”

—Master Hongzhi


May your practice go well.





© Steve Self, 2016, All rights reserved.